Episodes 1-10

Bj Hill

BJ was once a division 1 head basketball coach. Who coached his way to a NCAA National Tournament appearance.  Now he is a successful entrepreneur. Using his skills as a coach he has motivated his team into another top tier.   

Ryan Johnson-Addiction Story

Ryan is a viral Tik Tok-er and podcaster with a great story.  Ryan is an addict, but is working on his sobriety day by day. He is an overcomer, and a real truth teller. His story is inspiring people across the world. Listen to his podcast Massive Life Changing Value. 

Build Better Employees

I was standing in the shower thinking (also a Jane’s Addiction Song) and thought, ” how is it that most of our employees are killing it in life after they moved on from us.  Three keys to building a better employee Motivate, Educate, and Communicate. 

Mentee's Arturo and Ariel

These guys Rock! Arturo and Ariel are young men headed in the right direction.  They work hard and have big goals!

Live like you are dying

This is Ron’s real life story of surviving heart failure.  Today he lives like he is dying. 

Thadious Fisher VP At Realogy

Thad is an old employee of mine at Max Muscle. Thad was a quick learner and very coachable, and now a huge success in the Real Estate industry  Listen to his story!

Balance Score Card

Measure your Business!  Full video @ronlworley on Facebook. 


I tell you some stories about my adversity. Then relate it to adversity in our businesses.  I share mine so you will share yours. 


This is a brief intro of The Sons of Ditches podcast.  Ron tells his story of how he got here today. 

Book Publishing

As Ron’s Book, Ditches To Riches gets ever closer to its launch, so does the work grow.  Ron and Josh speak about the trials of self publishing in this first episode of Sons of Ditches.